About The Way Ahead People

Formed during 2014 by Jacqueline Cannon primarily to assist organisations and people, The Way Ahead People offer an alternative approach to supporting businesses.

We can help you to embrace change without losing sight of your values. And help you to create -

  • a great place to work
  • a great place to shop/stay
  • a great place to invest

We provide an option to breathe new life and fresh air into your people and enhance your ROI.

Jacqueline Cannon

Known in the industry for her direct and no nonsense approach to problem solving & people development Jackie has been in the industry for nearly 40 years.

  • Internationally experienced  HR and Training professional with a  strong operational  approach and a background in global service sector organisations
  • Board level relationship builder and influencer capable of over achieving business and customer expectations in challenging economic environments
  • Trusted advisor, consultant and subject matter expert with a rigorous, rational and systematic mind
  • Leader, motivator and mentor to HR, Operations, Support and Specialist teams with the ability to provide innovative solutions to complex problems

Jackie is well recognised by colleagues -

"Up steps Jackie Cannon the one person responsible for taking a band of passionate and happy misfits and turning them into some of the finest operators and peers of industry.
She is a truly selfless individual who continues to revel in the success of others before her own recognition."

"Jacqueline Cannon is a consummate professional with a deep intellect all backed up with a set of high personal moral values that have been carried out into her professional life."

"The most telling aspect of the individual that is Jackie Cannon is her sincere belief in people and her desire to get to know all those who she comes into contact with in both the business side but also more importantly the local community side."

"Jackie Cannon is the kind of colleague every professional wants, the kind of employee every company wants and the kind of senior manager every person wishes for."

"I have worked in the hospitality industry for 30 years and have rarely worked or come into contact with someone who is as professional, able, and knowledgeable a colleague as Jackie Cannon. Her council has been highly valued , sought after and richly appreciated."