Staff Resources

Add genuine value to your staff resource through positive feedback and continuous improvement processes

Today the challenges Human Resource professionals face are vast.  The competitive realities of companies these days sometimes outweigh the simple thoughts of being the employee champion.

As I have mentioned earlier we often focus on how we can reduce our payroll cost, rather than enhance the efficiency and retention of great people.  In my  time working in this discipline I have witnessed careers of talented professionals brought to an abrupt close , simply because someone in the organisation has taken offence to their need to get out of a box, push the guidelines and use a bit of initiative or innovation.  Why do we witness this? Often because we do not actively listen to what the team are saying?

I strongly believe that watching for these signs should be a frequent pastime of all modern leadership.    Ensure the team going are not going  into depression, getting caught up in routine.  Watch for the signs of cynicism when new initiatives are launched, comments on what is in it for them if they work harder and the patient sighs when a change of direction is applied.

We must take a minute to focus on each individuals strength in the team and ask are they using them to capacity, if people do what they enjoy, they will do it better, faster and always with a smile.